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Life is an experiment to me, and jewelry is the experiment and adventure of my life.

I had a career in PR, but after short jewelry class in NY, I bought the necessary tools and took a leap of faith. My studio is now a forest of projects waiting for the noise of the day to fade away. That’s when I sit at my bench and let my strange focus drive me.
My jewelry is quiet. I try to open a little window to question and wonder, see shapes, know possibilities. Oxidized silver and brushed gold bring attention to the inner beauty of quartz, agate, and beryl. As light bringers, diamonds are the best—if a ring is a tale, a diamond is the hero that brings hope against a black pool of silver.
I cannot imagine a better job than making jewelry. My work is featured in many museum stores, including SFMOMA, the New York’s Museum of Art and Design, and the Bellevue Arts Museum, and in select boutiques across the country.

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